How to implement Ionic 4 UI components API methods/properties and events without Angular?

Since Angular 5 is super heavy and re-build time takes over 10 seconds, I decided to try Ionic 4 core UI Components with another framework.

I think about the old and the good AngularJS or maybe Vue.js.

When loading the CSS Components its easy and I can use the reference from the Ionic website. But I do not handle to find any documentation about methods/properties and events without Angular.

For example, I want to pop the modal programatically.

Where can I find some documentation on how to run Ionic 4 without Angular? Will Ionic team provide a reference for each framework in future when Ionic 4 version will be released (since now its on alpha).



you are ahead of the game. Ionic team is working overtime to get it released and documented

Either dive into the source code on Github or check josh morony’s blog. He did a nice one on navigation and Ionic 4.

Some have tried here on the forum.


Here some code on modal

Modal controller specs

So docs contained in the files

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