How to implement Dreamfactory OAuth login in Ionic

I am trying to implement Dreamfactory OAuth in Ionic app.
I am following this resource for implementation:

This is the call I am making:

$’/api/v2/user/session?service=facebook’).then(function (result) {
console.log("result: "+ JSON.stringify(result));

The log above shows me json data as it itself redirects to the facebook url returned by the call and it just returns HTML for that facebook page.

Is there a different approach I should be using in hybrid/Ionic apps for DF OAuth login?

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Hey @mrvipinkashyap would you be able to post in the DreamFactory community? then a member of staff or community member can get back to you quicker. This may also help other members who may have the same issue easily find it :slight_smile:

DreamFactory Community Manager

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