Trouble with Facebook oauth get requests


I have followed the oauth-phonegap/cordova read me found here: and gotten it to successfully return an access token. When I call a get request on the the result as described in that read me and in the .get request here:, nothing happens. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction? My code is in a function on the scope in angular/ionic.

My code is:
$scope.fbLogin = function(){

	OAuth.popup("facebook", function(e,r) {

	    if (e){
	    	alert('error: ' + e.message);

	    else {

    // the access_token is available via r.access_token
    // but the http functions automagically wrap the jquery calls



resolved. Jquery was loading in the wrong order.



I get “OAuth is not defined” when I follow the steps in

Did you get that problem too?


I actually ended up not being to get OAuth to work at all with ionic, ended up using an in app pop-up to write the flow, which I found advice on in a separate thread in this forum.


Apologies on not including the link, did a quick search but couldn’t locate it atm