How to implement crash reporting service in hybrid android app developed on ionic framework


I am working on development of the hybrid android application for samsung note 3 and is now in UAT phase and the users are encountering application crash which I am not able to reproduce on the local device. Also we are using angular localstorage there is some performance issue I see whenever user is selecting the radio button (yes or no) there is some delay in the touch release I see it is happening in ngStorage watch method each time it is erasing the laststorage and copying from current storage object. Is there a way to keep both of them in sync. Any help would be highly appreciated.


You could try I’ve seen people use it with Ionic.

Looks like there is a Cordova Plugin.


I have tried it but not sure what went wrong its not working. I am new to the mobile development


What didn’t work? Crashlytics? If yes, this forum wouldn’t be the right place to get help. This isn’t really an Ionic problem.


Crashlytics didn’t work . I need help in figuring out why the application is crashing . I go the log from the device using logcat but not able to figure it out what went wrong. Is there a way someone can provide any inputs looking at the log?


I tried using Crashlytics as well but was turned off by the lack of Cordova support. Then I stumbled upon Crittercism which has great docs on their Phonegap integration