How to implement bookmark and favorite for posts in ionic 2 app

Hai i am developing an ionic 2 app in that ,I have to add bookmark and favorite for particular post. I want to know how to write typescript for this

Have a look at the Ionic Conference Demo App:

Where does it provide this feature @pwespi?

please provide answer for this

On the schedule tab you can swipe a session to the left to add it to favorites. I guess you could implement something similar to any kind of element. Hope that helps…

Use localStorage for this .

You have an example here :

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Thank You

I saw code.

No problem,

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Okay. So, how do you view this?


I have little confusion in schedule tab code , In this schedule tab code
they are not used local storage to save favorite.

Another thing their no code for Bookmark.

Please help with this

in this example when i refresh the page the favourite list not display
Can someone tell me how to store favourite list in local storage in ionic

In the UserData provider store the this._favorites array using ionic-storage whenever you change it and read it from storage in the constructor.

Hi @david_bc,
Can you expalin how to do in ionic 2.