How to have ionic matching the android material V3 style?


I really love ionic and how it allows me to build an android+iOs+web app in the same time.
But if I compare any native (android) app with an Ionic app I’m trying the styles seems to be outdated.

Here is the latest material styling guide: Components – Material Design 3

Every ionic component seems to be more angular, more “harsh”, have more contrast.
I’m comparing a few components that I use a lot, like switch, cards, buttons
I cannot say for the iOs side since I do not own one, but the android styles seems to be quite outdated compared to what android and the other manufacturer are now offering.

I now have to choose a framework, and even if I love ionic, I cannot resign to start today an application that already looks outdated. So is there some way to apply an up-to-date material design 3 to the android/web part of the application?

I know I could try to customize the style, but honestly, I don’t have the time and/or competencies to do this, and it would seems weird that every single developer that wants to build an android app should do this again.

If there is nothing available, is there something plan from the ionic team to provide an up-to-date Look&Feel for the android side?

Thank you for the help!