How to get number input fields with spinner

Is there any component that has spinner attached to input number fields with + & - button to go with Angualr js :

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Build your own dom-element.
Set type=“number” for the input-field and put a + and a - button around it :wink:

Add on this Buttons a ng-click function to increase/decrease the model of the input-field.

Feeling such a solution did not achieve the production level I was aiming for (nor in the UX or customisation aspect), I’ve created a new directive currently used in our live mobile app. The number picker / spinner is implemented as an attribute directive, so stick to any DOM element, or your existing input fields (just remember to set their css to read only) and voila, solve a bunch of headaches (input verifications, user churn, etc.)
The directive acts as you’d expect it, with drag capability as in native devices, with a slick look, highly customizable and plenty additional functionality.
Check it out!

We are in version 3 now, so Ionic team has no plans at all to add such component?

It would be nice.