Any Ionic NumberPicker like on Android?

Hello is there in Ionic an equivalent widget to Android NumberPicker as shown below?


The only hint I found was Ionic #1922

There’s one solution that works with Ionic but it’s not free:

Thanks i did not know Mobiscroll.

As an alternative I had a look at how ngCart does it and it’s quite simple with horizontal design but it’s good enough I think or a simple select.

Hi @gmarziou did you find a good number picker solution ? If yes can you please share your code ? Thanks

I did add one to match the styling of date and time picker. Easy enough to modify the template to your need:

So after a vain attempt to find a good existing one, with production level UX and customisation, I’ve created a new one currently used in our live mobile app. The number picker / spinner is implemented as an attribute directive, so stick to any DOM element, or your existing input fields (just remember to set their css to read only) and voila, solve a bunch of headaches (input verifications, user churn, etc.)
The directive acts as you’d expect it, with drag capability as in native devices, with a slick look, highly customizable and plenty additional functionality.
Check it out!