How to get notification in ionic



how to get notification in real device, when record updated in sql server using ionic.please can someone help me out of this.


Try following this guide:
And when something happens in your backend which should trigger a notification, use the API:

To send notifications to specific people, you should save the push token that’s being registered in your database. Then you can look up the tokens for the user you wish to send the notification to whenever needed.


can u tell me step by step process please


The step by step process is in the first link :slight_smile:


i want to push notification to real device when sql server data updated using vs2015

by using above links im not getting solution.please help


First of all, you have to set up the notifications so you can even receive them. That is what the first link is for. Test it via

After that, whenever you update some data in your DB, you use the API, detailed in the second link, to trigger a notification.

This is not some simple 3 step process, and setup varies for pretty much every app.