I´m new to Push Notifications


I am new to Push Notifications. Only read about Firebase and FCM, but i still can´t get it.

What tutorials or posts do you recommend?


Hi, @alexmpc
For my project, I’ve referred this link:

it is very easy to understand for basic level push notification.
Hope it helps!!

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Thanks for replying! I´ll give it a go, but i am still acepting more information about this!


What kind of more information do you want?


The company where i am doing my internship now, wants to send notifications to the user when a new information appears in our webservice (like Facebook notifications), and i am exploring some way to do this, but i always get stuck in FCM.


Then what is the problem? You can get token of the user’s device using FCM’s get token method and store that device token in your database or local storage whatever you are using and on that device token you can send push notification as described in the above link.

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