How to get iOS 13 WiFi SSID using Ionic3?

I have used WifiWizard plugin to get SSID but it’s not working on iOS 13. It gives me SSID as “Wi-Fi” key word, it’s not showing actual connected WiFi SSID.

I have add Location when in use key in info.plist and also tried to update native iOS code but it’s not working.

I have tried with WifiWizard2 plugin but this is also not working.

getWifiName() {
    WifiWizard.getCurrentSSID(ssidHandler => {
      ssidHandler = ssidHandler.toString().replace("\"", "");
      ssidHandler = ssidHandler.toString().replace("\"", "");
      this.connectedTo = ssidHandler;
    }, fail => {
      this.goToSettingsButton = false;

I want current WiFi SSID in iOS 13 like if I connect to ABC Wifi network then it should give me SSID as ABC.

I have tried this but not giving me WiFi SSID, it goes into fail state and give me “Not Available” response. I have an issue with iPhone 11 (iOS 13.1.3) but when I run same on iPhone XS MAX (iOS 13.1.3) is gives me SSID. Please help me to resolve this issue.