Get current SSID IOS ionic 3

I’m trying to get the current ssid of an iphone 7 plus with IOS version 14.3 using the WifiWizard plugin, but without success.
The error that the plugin returns is “ERROR: WIFI SSID Not available”.
Has anyone gone through something like that? Were you able to obtain the SSID in which versions of IOS?

declare var WifiWizard: any;

this.geolocation.getCurrentPosition().then(res => {
	WifiWizard.getCurrentSSID((getCurrentSSID: any) => {
			console.log('WIFI SSID', getCurrentSSID);
		},(fail: any) => {
			console.error('WIFI SSID', fail);

}).catch(error => {
	console.log("Erro ao pegar a posicao do GPS");

If you haven’t read this discussion, it looks relevant to your situation.