How to get gmail contacts with our IONIC App

I’m currently working on functionality to get contacts from gmail, using #cordova. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

What have you tried so far?

i followed this link
this below error returning

But that plugin got nothing to do with contacts.

Have you tried using Cordova Contacts plugin?

Also, StackOverflow is not a place for this kind of questions. There’s a good chance this question will end up closed. You asked a question but never told what have you tried so far. That’s why I asked you the same question, only difference, here we will try to help you.

i tried to make google connect and login first, next using contactsURL to get them into app.

For this ,
i have a client ID from developer console,
using that client ID i followed the link
finally i run the ionic app to test login success.
the error i posted was occurred, if any other steps i got left to make this google login success please make me note.

This link helped me to develop the functionality of getting google contacts into ionic app,
Here a small issue might be faced due to XML results form google api.
That can also be resoleved when we convert XML data into JSON using javascript or anyother .


Did you succeed ?

I get the user Token, then it should be easy now to call the google api no ?

I am also looking for this for now I have used cordova-plugin-googleplus to get the Access Token and email id after that I invoked an Ajax call to this URL{userEmail}/full
but unfortunately I got

There was an error in your request.
That’s all we know.
If someone have any idea please share.