Unable to access contact list

I’m trying to access the phone contact list, and for the life of me, I can’t seem to get the navigation.contacts to actually have a value. Here’s the code I’m working with inside of my controller:

$ionicPlatform.ready(function () {
// called when ready
alert(“Device ready”);

    function get_contacts() {
        var obj = new ContactFindOptions();
        obj.filter = "";
        obj.multiple = true;

        console.log("navigator.contacts: " + navigator.contacts);
        navigator.contacts.find(["displayName", "name", "phoneNumbers"], contacts_success, contacts_fail, obj);
    function contacts_success(contacts) {
        console.log("contacts_success(): " + JSON.stringify(contacts));
    function contacts_fail(msg) {
        console.log("get_contacts() Error: " + msg);



The latest error I’m getting is that ContactFindOptions is not defined. I’ve installed the org.apache.cordova.contacts.ContactManager plugin, but still can’t seem to get anything. Anyone have any advice???

After removing the android platform and re-adding the plugin, things just started working.

I tried this too but Im getting this error:

$ ionic plugin add org.apache.cordova.contacts
Fetching plugin "org.apache.cordova.contacts" via plugin registry
Installing "org.apache.cordova.contacts" for android
Error during processing of action! Attempting to revert...

Consequently, contacts API fails to get included in the app.