How to get Cordova debugging tools in vscode to debug ionic serve

I have the cordova debugging tools plugin in vscode, running on windows. I Have been able to get it to debug on an actual device (from time to time), but if I try and attach to ionic serve using the following config…

  "name": "Serve to the browser (ionic serve)",
  "type": "cordova",
  "request": "launch",
  "platform": "serve",
  "cwd": "${workspaceRoot}",
  "devServerAddress": "localhost",
  "sourceMaps": true,
  "ionicLiveReload": true

I always get

 The Ionic live reload server exited unexpectedly
 Error in the Ionic live reload server:
 Error: listen EADDRINUSE

Although I can use (and have been using) the browser (Chrome) debugger, it would be nice if this could be done from vscode.

Has anyone had any luck being able to debug a local ionic serve session via vscode (on Windows 10)?

Thanks in advance

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How did you solve it?