Ionic 4 + Capacitor -> debug through VSCode

I’m trying to learn Ionic 4 with Capacitor, and I’m using VSCode to write my app. When I was using v3, I could start an “ionic serve” from within VSCode to debug my app. However when I try to do this now, I get an error saying that it could not find a “cordova project” to start (which is correct since it’s using capacitor and not cordova).

Any hints on how to launch and debug from within VSCode?

Thanks in advance for any hints


I could do this by running `Serve to browser (Ionic serve) option. It did take a long time to start though. The browser opens, and the just waits a long time,

For me this time is just the Angular building, ie in the debug console (of VSCode)
I see

Building and deploying app
Attaching to app
[ng] i 「wdm」: wait until bundle finished: /

This does finally go through and the it starts. This is with node 8.x, I hear Angular build may be faster with Node v10 ( I had to revert back to version 8 due to a problems building an older Ionic application I am yet to update).

What I could not get running was attaching to Android emulator…