How To Get Better At CSS

I have been making an app for a while now and I have noticed a reoccurring issue. I do not seem to be getting any better at laying out my app in a pretty way which means I am not getting better at CSS I think.

For example, right now, I am trying to put a two labels at the top of my app with a ion-select beside each label. No matter how much I mess with the CSS I can not get it the way that I want it. I have both labels and ion-selects, but not in the aesthetic way I want.

This happens every time I try to change the visuals of my app and I just have to settle with some ugly interface.

My question is: how do I get better at CSS or how do I get better at interface design using CSS in Ionic? You would think practice would help, but it has not helped.

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Have you looked at the Ionic Grid docs?

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No, but I should have! Thank you

If you find your layouts cannot be obtained simply with ion-grid, then you may have to dive farther into some common css design patterns

Great info thanks for sharing this stuff. :grinning: