How to generate round icons for google pixel 2 (round icon)


Hi guys :slight_smile:

I’m almost ready to deploy my first ionic app to the store.

There is only one small issue left:

After generating the icons with ionic cordova resources and loading the app onto my colleague’s Google Pixel 2, I get the following result:

I’m talking about the app to the right of “Notizen” and to the left of the default ionic icon. It’s orange in the center.

As you can see the phone put a square inside a circle, which looks kinda bad.

How can I fix this?
On iOS and other Android devices (such as Galaxy S7) which use rounded square icons, it looks fine.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Push: Does anyone know how to fix this?


I don’t have a perfect fix, however: you can specific the base icon differently for iOS and Android. Read for example: (basically, instead of putting icon.png in /resources, put two different ones in /resources/ios and /resources/android, and fool with the Android one until you get what you want. Might involve making the icon expand to overfill the image you provide…


I’m also looking for an answer for this.
Looking at the developer speck

Somehow you specify android:icon and android:roundIcon
Do we know if Ionic/Cordova has a setting for round icons vs not round. As we see in screenshots like that not all of the icons are round some people are still using a square one.


I also am wondering if Ionic can do this?

Also does Ionic generate splash screens for iphone x?