Android icon white circle issue

I’m using ionic 3. Suddenly my app icon, on android home screen, has a the icon as a square with a white circle around it.

The icon has been displaying fine for the last few months and suddenly on a recent build it showed up this way. I didn’t regenerate or anything, so I’m assuming it’s an android issue?

tried solving by forcing the icons to regenerate but no luck. Briefly inspecting the config or image sizes didn’t turn anything up either.

Same problem here… :confused:
Do you solved that?
SOLVED for me:
I did the next commands:
ionic platform rm android
ionic platform add android@latest --save
and it asked me install gradle, I did it. And all working now.

I hope that help you.

Turns out it’s an issue with ionic 3 and the new version of cordova android. I had to roll back android versions. I found this is coincidentally by rolling back to fix an issue with music controls and the newest cordova android version.

I’m switched to

“cordova-android”: “6.2.3”,

and that fixed it.