How to execute ionic build ios BUT NOT deploying the app (generating ipa)?


Usually I build iOS app by:

ionic build ios

which will stop at something like BUILD SUCCESSFUL, then I open the Xcode to build my app. But after I update the cli (the cli ask me if want to update, and I answer Y) and then execute ionic build ios ,the cli suddenly said I need ios-deploy(it would fail build if I don’t install), and if I install ios-deploy it would output the ipa automatically.

I don’t want the step of outputting ipa automatically after executing ionic build ios because I want to use Xcode to build debug version to device directly, which outputting ipa is unnecessary at this case. It makes me reinstall the Mac OS and ionic framework to get the original behaviour of ionic build ios.

How can I set ionic build ios NOT outputting ipa automatically?


Hm interesting situation.

You could probably npm run ionic:build (build the app) and then ionic cordova prepare ios (copy it over to the cordova project) - but I am not sure. Please report back if it works.

Otherwise please post this at - it’s an interesting problem and I agree this should be possible.