How to generate an iOS IPA file with Ionic?


I’ve successfully built the iOS app with the ionic build ios command. But now I want to use TestFlight and it asks me for an IPA file. It seems that file is not generated with that build command. So, how can I generate it?


You will need to open the XCode project that is generated for you when you executed the build command and generate the IPA from there using Archive... from the Product menu. In reality though it’s not as simple as that, you’ll need to set up certificates and provisioning profiles first.

Here’s a good place to start:

You can actually do this via command line by using the following command. This is the script I use to do autodeployment.

/usr/bin/xcodebuild archive   \
    -project MyApp.xcodeproj  \
    -scheme MyApp             \
    -archivePath MyApp

the link does not work.

Anyways, once I do ionic build ios,whats the next step. I am working on a ubuntu system whats the next step I need to do in order to do a beta release. I read some stuff on the internet and I think I will need to create a plist file. Can you elaborate a little if possible.

Once you’ve done the ionic build ios you get a .xcodeproject file in platforms/ios and this you need to build on an Apple Mac machine in XCode. There is no way to build an iOS App on any other platform like ubuntu linux. Check out the steps here: