How to encrypt the web service request and handle same in service part?

I am new to web service in ionic 3. I have some services which served by web services in json format data. I need to encrypt my input json data and avoid to understand by any one.
How it can done ? I hope the encrypted parameters must decrypt on the other end.
Please advise how it can done …



These two things are mutually exclusive. You must define “any one” more precisely, because “the other end” would ordinarily be included.

The shortest and simplest answer is “use HTTPS”. If you are going to respond with “I don’t want to use HTTPS, but I still want to encrypt all my HTTP traffic some other way”, you are crazy. If somebody else is mandating that you do that, tell them they are crazy. You do not want to be making your own cryptographic protocols, especially if you are asking randos on the internet how to do so.

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