Secure data transfer with backend?

I am new to ionic, but have managed to build an app that runs on my android phone and gets its data from my .NET webApi backend.

I have got OAuth bearer tokens working for my username and password authentication, but I am struggling to understand how I encrypt the data over the wire.

Should I be using https? If so, then how do I get it working in my Ionic app?

Any help appreciated.

Regards, Paul

You have nothing special to do to use https in Ionic, as long as your .Net backend uses a certificate signed by a well known CA.

Thanks for the advice. I’ve deployed my .NET webApi to Azure, so I guess my next job is to figure out how to apply a certificate. Btw, I’m also using BreezeJS within my Ionic app. This is working really well and allows me to create linq like queries from the client. Check it out