How to ENABLE sqlite Pragma AUTO_VACCUM = FULL with ionic native sqlite

I am creating an IPAD Application, which requires lot of insertions & deletions very frequently. So i went to use IONIC Native SQLITE storage for my multiple forms records. [My IPAD are less (costs expensive, having memory, having storage)]
suddenly i came to an article, which says, **

When you delete /drop any objects [tables, rows, indexes … ] from sqlite, It will not defragment / resize the database file [empty space stays on / AUTO INCREMENT RowID will not become 0]

which mean next insertion of a row with AUTO INCREMENT results to use next rowID rather than starts from 0 on whole table delete/ truncate.

So this is article helped me using SQLITE built in pragma commands to set DATABASE VACCUME to 1 or FULL will avoid such above highlighted situation : How SQLite VACUUM Optimizes Your Database

Unfortunately after reading these two pages,

  1. AUTO-VACUUM or not? · Issue #646 · storesafe/cordova-sqlite-storage · GitHub
  2. cordova - Phonegap Sqlite Vacuum - Stack Overflow

I learned that, it is not quite a straight way to use SQLITE Commands with Cordova / IONIC. I think most apple app developers depends on local storage as SQLITE for their swift / object C coded apps [think / might be].
So there should be alternate work around to resolve my issue.