Enabling Production Mode without ionic build--prod ( CI )

I am building an Ionic App in a Continuous Integration environment (CircleCI).

In my workflow steps I have:
npm run build --prod

However, this is not enabling production mode.
Using import { environment } from '../../../environments/environment';
environment.production = false;

Using import { isDevMode } from '@angular/core';
isDevMode = true;

This works fine: ionic build --prod
Production Mode is enabled ( as per environment.production )

If I attempt to use:
npm run ionic:build --prod
Then I get the error:
missing script: ionic:build

So, is there a way to enable production mode without using ionic build --prod ?
Or will I need to install ionic/app-scripts in CircleCI build?

This is working:

Within the package.json, change the “build”: “ng build” to

"build": "ng build --prod",

Production Mode is now enabled from config.yml running:
run: npm run build --prod

Likely with the --prod on that as well but I have not yet tested that.