How to enable app shortcuts option in ionic apps?

I want to add some shortcuts in my ionic app which will be shown to user when he long presses my app icon on homescreen like this.


How can i implement this thing in my ionic app.

What is the proper name for these things on Android? Pretty sure there is a Cordova plugin for it, just need the correct name (link to Android docs would be best) to be able to google.

PS: Since when does Android support this?

I got the correct name for this ‘3D Touch’ later.
and i think it works on devices with Nougat. It works on my oneplus5.
But you were right no plugin supports this feature for android apps.

It’s called “3D Touch” on iOS:,
Inside apps sometimes also “Force Touch”:

Unfortunately no Android support yet. Seems to be pretty new.

Have you find out solution for this?

I was just asked about these today (can I add it to our Ionic app)

In Android, they seem to be called App Shortcuts, and I did find this plugin for Android.

I “think” is is the same thing that iOS calls #D touch, but it looks like need two different plugins, one for iOS, and one for Android.