How to download ionic previous version package?

I am new to Ionic and presently in the initial phase of development. I am presently using Ionic Version 5.4.1 (found out using ionic -v from inside my project directory).

*Windows PowerShell*
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*PS D:\ionic_project\Crud> ionic -v*

Some of my functionalities are not working and so I am thinking about going back to Ionic version 4.
Please tell me how to install Ionic Version 4 package from the command line.

I am using Windows 10

Just run this cmd, if you want to add the version 4.

npm install -g ionic@4.0.0

You can add any version of Ionic, Cordova, platform and Plugin, etc using @.

Thanks for replying, should I uninstall currently running ionic and reinstall it using the command you have mentioned above?
Or is there any way using which I can download a new project package of ionic V4 without uninstalling currently running ionic which is of version 5.4.1?

Yes uninstall it and install with version

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I think u can ignore the suggestion made

Your Ionic cli may be version 5 but that is not to say the cli is using framework v5. That does not exist actually. Ionic framework is at 4

So, better is to report what seems broken


Thanks for clearing the confusion, I initially thought why ionic cli on my PC is showing V5 !

the queue for this confusion is very long…

and the number of posts even longer…

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You can use NVM( Node Version Manager ) to maintain two or more version of ionic in same system.
this process will not conflict your system and also you can use two version of ionic and node.
this is a link where you can download the NVM -
After installation of this you can use NVM like below in CMD.

nvm install 4.4.0 <-- this 4.0.0 is node version that you want to install
nvm use 4.4.0
<-- check the node version
node -v