How to download a file in iOS (Ionic 2/3)?


I am trying to download a file and save that file in iOS. I am using ionic-native-file plugin to achieve this. The file has been download but i could not find that file in the device.

filewrite = (): void => {
    let transfer = this.fileTransfer.create();
    let path = "";
    let dir_name = 'Download';
    let file_name = "Sample.pdf";

    if ('ios')) {
      this.platform.ready().then(() => {
          path = this.file.documentsDirectory;

          this.file.writeFile(path,file_name,this.pdfSrc).then((entry) => {
            this.showAlert("download completed");
          }, (error) => {
            this.showAlert("Download Failed.");
            this.showAlert("Download Failed catch.");


Download completed alert shows and the downloaded path is:


But i could not find that location in the device. Then, i google and saw here.

cordova.file.documentsDirectory - Files private to the app, but that
are meaningful to other application (e.g. Office files). Note that for
OSX this is the user’s ~/Documents directory. (iOS, OSX)

So, i can’t see the file actually as it is private to the application. Then i saw in the same link:

enter image description here

So, i tried with the both preference in my config.xml but nothing happened.

Is there any approach to download the file iOS or to dropbox or anywhere else?