How to downgrade from ionic 4 (beta) to ionic 3 (latest stable)

I’ve developed an application with Ionic 4.0.0-beta.13. But its not working (Showing blank screen) on devices with android version lower than 7.1.1.
This is due to the below running known issue
So i wan’t to downgrade my Ionic version to latest stable version.
Can someone please help me on how and what changes it needs?


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I finished an ionic 4 (latest September 2019 framework version) app and tried to test it on android using Firebase Test tool. For Android versions 8 and 9 are fine, but it had issues when testing previous versions: 4.4, 5, 6, 7 (APIs 19, 20…), it was showing blank screens or really bad css/svg.

This is definitely not acceptable, especially when they claim to support those versions (from the ionicframework web page). Also, the answers from the ionic team are not helpful at all given this is a serious issue.

I was really disappointed and regretting to not have chosen ReactNative instead, but I did not want to throw away all the work I did for my first version (for now). So, I spend few days investigating how to downgrade to ionic 3, which works better on those old android versions and most of the ts code can be reused.

So, basically, create a new blank ionic 3 project with your app name and package name and specific platform configurations. Then just do the reverse from this You may need to also downgrade angular and rxjs and any other 3th party library that is no supported and fix it in your code. Also, change the scss variables to the old ones and css attributes from html files.

Hope this help someone.