How to disable Android swipe navigation


Currently when running my Capacitor app within Android, swiping on the edges of the screen will result in backward or forward navigation. I have my own custom navigation controls and I need to disable this swipe navigation in Android.

Is this possible?


in your app.module, under the “imports” set

      swipeBackEnabled: false

we have the same situation, want o disable swipe right & left gestures in android. But the provided solution is not working as expected.
Capacitor version : 4.0.0

Need help on this if any alternative.

Solutions we have tried:

  1. Added following code in all the routing files but still be able to see the swipe gesture working
    swipeBackEnabled: false

  2. this.routerOutlet.swipeGesture = false;
    This is working only in iOS not in android

  3. <ion-router-outlet id=“main-content” [swipeGesture]=“true” animated=“true”>
    not working as expected.

Is this possible to restrict swipe gestures in android with ionic angular capacitor(v4).??

Kalyani Venna

Did you manage to solve this one at all? seeing the same on android even with swipeBackEnabled: false in the module.
(using ionic 7)

that’s weird, i’m using ioni 7.3 and writing

      swipeBackEnabled: false

works for me

can you share your module code?

I am curious about this one too, please share