How to disable Android swipe navigation


Currently when running my Capacitor app within Android, swiping on the edges of the screen will result in backward or forward navigation. I have my own custom navigation controls and I need to disable this swipe navigation in Android.

Is this possible?


in your app.module, under the “imports” set

      swipeBackEnabled: false

we have the same situation, want o disable swipe right & left gestures in android. But the provided solution is not working as expected.
Capacitor version : 4.0.0

Need help on this if any alternative.

Solutions we have tried:

  1. Added following code in all the routing files but still be able to see the swipe gesture working
    swipeBackEnabled: false

  2. this.routerOutlet.swipeGesture = false;
    This is working only in iOS not in android

  3. <ion-router-outlet id=“main-content” [swipeGesture]=“true” animated=“true”>
    not working as expected.

Is this possible to restrict swipe gestures in android with ionic angular capacitor(v4).??

Kalyani Venna