How to avoid swiping the navbar with back swipe navigation

I want to implement swiping navigation in my app so user will be able to go back / forward in a convenient way.

For that matter I’ve used default webview swiping via [Capacitorjs | Angular] Back Swipe Support for iOS and Android

The problem I’m facing is: now my navigation (on the bottom) swipes along with the page content (as it is a part of the page).

I want the navigation to stay in place and only content could be swiped back / forward.

I can think about possible solution to this - having 2 different WKWebViews (separate views for <Navigation/> and for <Content/>) that communicate with each other would solve this, but is it possible with capacitor? Is this something to look in Subclassing CAPBridgeViewController | Capacitor Documentation?

Maybe any other solutions to achieve fixed navigation along with swipable content?

There is a Ionic Config prop that can be set in the app.module> This would disable swiping back in the whole app. I personally disabled it in all the apps I create.

  imports: [
      swipeBackEnabled: false

More info here: Config | Ionic Documentation

but I wanted to enable it - I have UX requirement for this behavior, the only problem is my <Navigation/> is also swipable along with <Content /> so I want to have control here on what is swipable and what it not

hmm maybe some css would be best. Maybe add sides padding to the navbar?

unfortunately css doesn’t seem to help here as <Navigation/> is part of the page - regardless of the styles it will get swiped along with the page

I dont’t think swipe would be working in android ? @lazydays