How to delete Ionic 4/5 project folder from windows 10? (Takes hours)


I’m creating a lot of test projects.

Each project I delete takes hours.

How to delete it fast?

Using windows 10.


It’s likely taking so long due to the node_modules folder.

You can open PowerShell and navigate to your folder; then run rm node_modules -force -recurse . Once that’s complete you can delete/move your folder with ease.

Or, you can go up one level and run that on your project folder: rm YOUR_PROJECT_FOLDER_NAME_HERE -force -recurse.

If you have rimraf (npm install rimraf -g), you can use that to remove the folder as well.

That would scare me greatly. I’ve never used Windows, but what you describe sounds dangerously to me like a hard disk about to fail on you.

10x for answering.

The powershell worded and it is one option.

The other option is to do ionic repair.