How do you create a new ionic project?

Creating a new ionic project with ionic cli is a normal method, but if you have a working ionic folder with all node modules are already installed, we can just copy the existing ionic project, but it takes around 30 minutes to complete the copy, i just want to know how other ionic developers do it? are you creating new project with CLI, or copying existing project and how can i speed up this process

It is virtually unheard of for two projects to want the exact same set of dependencies, so I think copying the project folder makes zero sense and always create from scratch.

can we set node-modules folder as common for all ionic project?

i want to save some time of ‘npm install’ and also save some disk space, due to multiple node modules folder inside my drive

I suppose you could, but I would expect it would cause you far more headaches than value.

Don’t try to do that. node_modules is not made to be shared as it is a “package” with pckage.json and package-lock.json.

If you have problems with a few hundred megabytes of space, better delete some Windows files or anything.

thank you for the suggestion, @Sujan12, @rapropos