How to debug ionic view app? (IOS)


i install my App in ionic view (IOS and android) and its work but with several bugs.
i want to debug it in Ionic View inside the web inspector. (i saw all the tutorial regard to web inspector in safari and android, but either them not working, its not recognize the application via ionic view). BTW if i use (i try it just for android) regular deployment app (APK) it work as expected in debug on browser. why?

so i want to debug in browser also from ionic view, How can i do it?


Maybe I can help you with Android, since I don’t have much experience with iOS. =p

The things get messy for me, sorry.

Do you want to debug via browser? Not through the app (apk)?

It should be already working. Have you confirmed if your device is set to USB Debugging, and the device is recognized by the OS?

I would recommend debugging using livereload on device or ios simulator rather than ionic view app, especially since ionic view doesnt have all plugins available. Is that an option for you?

  1. in regular APK its work fine with web inspector.

  2. i want to debug via the ionic view, is it possible?

  1. so is there a way to debug via the ionic view? How?
  2. i agrre with your opinion about debuuging in mobileBUT meanwhile i dont have provision for IOS app, so i can see it just on ionic view (in device). thats why i must use/debug meanwhile in ionic view.


I dont think you can debug in ionic view.

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Thanks Guys.

appreciate your help.

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I have the same question. Is it then best to test and debug in xcode simulators since you can’t debug in ionic view?