How to create sub tabs inside a tab view?

I want to create 2 sub tabs within a tab view, so when users click that sub tab, different views appear- just like when we open lots of tabs in Chrome.

Can anyone tell me how to make that happen?


Not too sure if this will be possible. The way ui-router works is that all the views need to defined and have a url, so dynamic tabs as you describe may not be do-able.

Question first though, the content of the new tab, will this be generated data or just static? Such as this quick example

Oh I was only trying to create two static bars in one view:

it turned out all I need to do is use the button-bar CSS.

But thanks anyway!

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hei i have the same problem can u tell me how u fixed it

Check this out…


thank you so much, but i want sub-tabs just
right above main tabs. and i try your code and change the ‘tabs-top’ to ‘tabs-bottom’ or not using it.and then the sub-tabs just gone. can u help me sir. im so newbie with this

here the example