How to create a secondary tab


I’ve created a tab page following the site:
Now i wanna make a tab in a secondary level, but it doesn’t work in the same way.How can i work it out


Can you explain that in a little more detail? I’m not grokking “wanna make a tab in a secondary level”. Can you sketch out the layout and upload a photo?


something like this sorry that i can’t explain it very well. Now i can tab between home view and about view, but in home view, i can’t tab between sec-tab-a and sec-tab-b.would u mind telling me how 2 work it out? Thx a lot !


Hm… I tried dabbling with it and couldn’t even get as far as you did.

My sample :

The “Contacts” tab should contain nested tabs but they don’t work well either. Can you share you code?


My code:
I just give up the ion-tabs and use

but the layout is quiet a big problem now…


I think you got it pretty well there. I modified the padding a bit. Layout looks better. What do you think?