How to create screenshots for AppStore/PlayStore

Hi there,
I’m still developing under Ionic3 and CLI 3.20 on Win10 til a few days ago. This was fine for me, and with the old DevApp I was able to create screenshot with my iPhone/Android mobile. Now I had to update the cli, because ionic cordova resources did not run anymore. Now my problem: DevApp isn’t working anymore. How can I create screenshots easily?


What about using the Emulator? :joy:

Very funny. Which emulator? What about providing more information?

That is not even funny, but i think this is a basic off app development. Android Studio is the official Tool for developing Android Apps and you have Android Emulators there. As you need xcode and a Mac for an ios app in every case you should use their simulators too?

Using an emulator as suggested by @EinfachHans is definitely a good choice, see Android Emulator or iOS Simulator. For me, using just Chrome is often enough, see here.

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