Automatic Screenshot generation for every device

Hello everyone,

i’m a big fan of automate repeating tasks. One of these tasks are making screenshots for the app store. On the App Store you have 5-7 different screen sizes and with different languages its a huge pain to generate screenshots. Especially if you changed something in the UI and need to remake those.

So i made a gulp task to generate these screenshots for me. The task looks like this:

gulp.task('screenshot', ['build'], () => {

    let Screenshot = require('ionic-gulp-screenshot');

    (new Screenshot()).run((browser, done) => {




Then the magic happens :smile: Here a short video of the workflow

Im waiting on the angular router included in ionic 2 beta so it will be easier to switch between screens

Its still work in progress but i will release it soon :slight_smile:



@hackfrag Oh my God! This is amazing! What’s the current state of this project? Is there a Git or something to contribute? Or is it already ready to release?