Buttons inside toolbar inside footer - how to adjust height?

I’m just getting started with ionic2 so please excuse my noobiness. I know that ionic2 does away with the navbar, so instead I put 3 buttons inside of a toolbar which is inside of a footer. The problem is that my app is made for landscape mode only and it’s taking up too much space at the bottom of the screen.

Thank you so much for reading this topic. Any input would be appreciated but please explain in layman’s terms as much as possible.

Footer/toolbar/button code:

<button ion-button clear icon-only item-left style="background-color: #d7d7af" (click)="gotopreviouspage()">
	  <ion-icon name="arrow-back" style="color: #262626; margin-left: 16px;"></ion-icon>		  

<button ion-button clear icon-only style="width: 62vw; background-color: #d7d7af; margin-left: -10px;" class="menu-button" (click)="gototable()">
	<ion-icon name="menu-outline" style="color: #262626"></ion-icon>

<button ion-button clear icon-only item-right style="background-color: #d7d7af; padding-left: 8px; margin-left: -10px;" (click)="gotonextpage()">
  <ion-icon name="arrow-forward" style="color: #262626; margin-right: 16px;"></ion-icon>