How to create a horizontal list with card template

Hi all,
I have a native app that has a horizontal list with template looks like card of Ionic and user can swipe right or left to scroll right or left to see next/previous item in list like this
I don’t know how to create horizontal list like this by Ionic. Please help me

you can use slide box, i use it to make flashcards.

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It’s awesome but can you show more information about this. Currently I see on that it just support page not sure about it’s used as horizontal listbox with ng-repeat.

here an example of my code
i’m sure it can be customized to look like what you’re looking for, i have seen it somewhere but i already forgot it

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Thank you @flameloki
But seems your codepen doesn’t work, can you make it works? Sorry I’m new on Ionic :smile:

how come it doesn’t work ? try different browser

Hi all any one have link where swiper is implemented with ionic i have add all dependency but not able to achieve the output.
please suggest me how to do it show only one slide and not able to slide.