Create a slide list where you see only one value in same time


I’m a beginner in Ionic I try to do a list like a ionList but I don’t want to can swipe horizontally to see the value.
for exemple if my list containt 4 values V1 V2 V3 V4
I want the user see V1 at the begin and only V1 if he swipes right to left he sees V2 ect…
Well I want to do the same thing when you swipes left to right.

Could you help me please?

You mean something like ionSlideBox?

Yes but whitout the point (witch are represente the number of value) and whith only one value visible and no all the value not selected visible. I want to see only the selecte value and hide the other.
I use ion side box now but I optain something like

Value 1 … value 2 value 3 Value 4 staks if Value 1 is selected
it 's possible to collecte the selected value in the $scope?