How to copy text from non-input element on Android browser


I need to let Android users long hold a piece of text to bring up the mobile copy/paste options.

This works fine on <input> elements except when they are marked as readonly (this field is a promo code so input needs to be disabled).

I believe this is an issue with Chromium

However as a workaround I tried replacing the <input> with a <span> using the user-select(auto) mixin to enable user selection. This works fine on desktop but still doesn’t allow selection on Nexus 5 Chrome 33.0.1750.170.

Edit: This is by design, only form elements will ignore the ionic touchstart event

Is there anything else I can try to display a readonly string and allow native browser copy and paste, without altering ionic.js?


I’ve just created issue 1034 to cover this requirement.