How to convert string to html

i have store HTml code in variable when i fetch it in .html file it treat it as a string instead of html code

 for(i = 1;this.i<this.start;this.i++){
      if(this.i == 1 && this.start!==1){[i]= '<td></td>';
      }else{[i]= '<td></td>';

Angular does not want you to do this. All HTML belongs in templates, not in controller code.

is there any way to do

with ionic 2+ you can use angulars ngif, ngfor etc to implement such things into your template. What @rapropos would say you is not that there is not possiblity to do what you want, but .ts is the wrong place for them.

See here and following.

For better help, you should explain more what you want achieve or how your template should look.

Best regards, anna-liebt