How to clear push notification from Ionic Push?

The push notification clears when the user taps on the notification to open app. However if the user goes and opens the app, the push notification is still there. How can I get rid of the notification? I can’t seem to find anywhere in the documentation that addresses this.

Thanks a lot in advance

Curious to know how people are doing. Thanks.

I read your q a few times and my notifications from clash of clans don’t clear if i open the app direct from shortcut either. Have you seen an app that does this?

ya, whatsapp does this.
when i open the app directly and click on a new message inside the app, it clears all the new message push notifications.

Gmail does this as well.

Is the clear notification function from this what I should be using?

If you’re using localNotifications I guess that might work. Are you using the local notifications plugin to handle your push notifications or just sending push notifications from Ionic Push service?

This is the first thing I tried to find also. Can’t believe standard functionality like this would be missing.

In the documentation Ionic says that “We use Phonegap’s push plugin to receive native push notifications on iOS and Android devices.” and the push plugin is here

The plugin has the funcionality that removes the notifications :

So why $ionicPush service does not have it ?!?!?!?

hello there!! do you get this problem solved? im having the same issue… user open app and the notification doesn’t clear =(