Clear a specify notification push

Hi, I´m trying to clear one notification push from my app (using OneSignal Plugin), i tried to get the id notification inside the payload and use the funcion of ionic cancelnotification(id) but dosent work. Also I tried use the plugin local notification to manage the notifications and do the same process, get the id and use a funtion like clearnotification(id), but dosent work too. How can I clear a specify notification from my app??. Thanks.

Examples things I tried but didnt work:

.subscribe(jsonData => {

And also tried clear it with local notification plugin

this.localNotification.getTriggeredIds().then(devolucion => {//to get ids
this.localNotification. clear(devolucion ).then(devolucion => {//this sholud be clear all
//notification but it didnt…

Function like OneSignalClearNotifications() or clearall() clear all notification correctly but I want to clear one of all of then.

@sergiocarrasco Have you found a solution?? I am having the same problem.