How to chose a file locatead in Firebase storage?

Hello all

I am quite new to ionic and for the last couple of days i am experimenting with ionic and firebase. I was able to create an application that can download a file from firebase storage and save it in the device external storage.
I was wondering if its possible to open a folder in firebase storage and choose the file that the user wants to download from the ionic application. I couldnt find any online resources that could help me with that. Can someone please guide me?

Thanks in Regards

I would recommend an approach like described in my post on Firebase Storage. Basically, you should keep track of the files in the storage using the realtime database.

By doing that, you can simply query a list of files by using the result of the database which holds links to alle the files!

Thank you Saimon that was very helpfull

Simon the tutorial that you provided me with was very helpfull, i studied the source code very carefully and i wanted to ask you something. I undertand the procedure that is happening when you choose a file and then you save it to Firebase storage, you also use Firebase.database to store some info for the file like the date created, the file path , the file url…(e.t.c)
What about the name of the file though? Is it possible to also store the name of a file to firebase.Database as well and display it in home.html?