Change protocol from "capacitor://" to "http://"


I want to test Service worker in iOS Capacitor app but it requires only protocol http or https.
Can someone please suggest me the way to do that.

Have a look at the server.iosScheme Field here

I changed the code already

server: {
    iosScheme: "http",
    allowNavigation: [

but still on window.location it is showing

Location = $1

ancestorOrigins: DOMStringList {length: 0, item: function, contains: function}

assign: function()

hash: ""

host: "localhost"

hostname: "localhost"

href: "capacitor://localhost/"

origin: "capacitor://localhost"

pathname: "/"

port: ""

protocol: "capacitor:"

reload: function()

replace: function()

search: ""

toString: function()

valueOf: function()

Symbol(Symbol.toPrimitive): undefined

Did you run a npx cap sync after your change?

Yes , i did .
Also i got one post regarding that “http://” && “https://” is not allowed as protocol in iOS as it is used by WKWebview