How to Change TabsPage?

Hey there,

i wanna to know how to change between different tabs pages, so I generate a App with the type tabs and change the 3 tabs. No I created an other TabsPage with 5 tabs by the CLI command ($ ionic generate tabs).

Now i want to push this tabspage with the 5 tabs, but everytime i push it ( this.navCtrl.push(TabsPage2) through the navCtrl the old tabs (from TabsPage) stay and just the first root page of the TabsPage2 is showing up.

How do I change the tabs?

I’m sorry about my bad english.

Ok I figure it out, like i thought before it is nothing hard to do…

 constructor(public navCtrl: NavController, public app: App,
              private afAuth: AngularFireAuthModule) {

    let nav =;

:slight_smile: Have a nice day!