How to change ion-tab navigation animations



I’m trying to change how my ion-tab navigations animate (in particular, to have no animation, but I’d like to see a change in animation so I can customise this in future). I have my ion-tabs pointing to a single nav view, and I’ve tried changing the animation on just that nav view, and also within each ion-tab HTML element.

I find that every answer given for how to animate is different - here are some of the proposed solutions, none of which work for me (obviously placing these inside ion-tab, ion-tabs or ion-nav-view to see which has an effect).






$ionicHistory.nextViewOptions({ disableAnimate:true });

Also, I don’t really know where $ionicHistory.nextViewOptions should reside. Do I just throw it into a controller that’s associated with the nav view? Or with each ion-tab?