How to Change default content image id to custom image

Hi All,

I am implementing list, in that there is right arrow whose content id is ‘\f125’. now i want to change this image to my custom image.

Like currently in the case of default right arrow it is like as:
content: “\f125”;

and now i want to change this to my custom image as:

can anyone suggest me how it will happen?

Thanks in advance.

Maybe use item-icon-right?

<a class="item item-icon-left item-icon-right" href="#">
    <i class="icon ion-chatbubble-working"></i>
    Call Ma
    <i class="icon ion-ios7-telephone-outline"></i>

But you can just edit the CSS if you really want to :

Just put this in a CSS file that is loaded after the Ionic CSS file.

a.item:after {
content: "\f125";  // To whatever you want.
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Thanks @Calendee for your quick response.
in above example you use “ion-chatbubble-working” and “ion-ios7-telephone-outline” which is already in ionicons, but if i want to use any other custom icon which is not in ionicons that how will i apply in <‘i’> tag.


See if this helps: